People mingle in the hallway before a service in this church in Chesterton.
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New to Chesterton? Glad you are visiting!

What can we do when we become curious about God? We could put on the brakes and ignore the interest. Or we could go along with it and go into a Bible-believing church to hear from a mature follower of God. This was the first step for many of us.

Feel free to come in. We have a lot to be thankful for, and are sure you do too. Here is visitor information for Chesterton Southern Baptist Church.

We park in back of the building

  • Handicap is near the side entrance we use
  • Wheelchair available while at church
  • No stairs anywhere

Couples, kids, babies, seniors, and singles come

  • The reason for being here is for everybody!
  • Nursery is provided; some moms visit together there
  • Children’s Church (to age 12) is an option our kids love
Our Bible-believing church loves and cares for babies.

We don’t pay a lot of attention to what people wear

  • Gals wear slacks/ jeans, modest tops/ blouses 
  • Also, dresses, skirts or pantsuits
  • Guys wear slacks/ jeans, casual tops/ dress shirts
  • Also, suits or a sport jacket

A traditional hymnbook is used

  • A special song is added on Sunday mornings
  • Favorite hymns on Sunday evenings
  • Printed materials are from Lifeway Christian Resources

Pastor Rick gives us a message from God

  • He tells why we love and praise God
  • At times, someone talks with God through prayer

Wednesdays offer coffee, pop and a classroom setting

  • This is less formal
  • We talk about God, the Bible and life
  • Easy directions to 213 S. 19th Street

Traveling by? We are here for you. Need a local church home in Chesterton? We love Christ and would be glad to worship and serve with you.
Know that help and hope is available for every situation.  You can find real friends here. We all at times have monumental concerns and some go through terrible fears or heartbreaking situations, but the Bible addresses them all.

“O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed in the man that trusteth in him.”
Psalm 34:8